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1 x Jinx - “Half” (cd)
1 x Nasum - Inhale / Exhale (cd)
2 x Disrespect - Justice In A Bag (cd)
1 x Bristle - 1984450 (cd)
1 x Czolgosz - Liberation (cd)
1 x M.D.C. - Shades Of Brown (cd)
1 x Depression - S/T (cd)
2 x In The Shit - A World Of… (cd)
1 x Cut The Reins - Man Made Dust (cd)
1 x End Of All - Same Shit But Different (cd)
1 x Conflict - Deploying All Means Necessary (cd)
3 x Jam Session – Yellow Mica (cd)
3 x Mad Parade - Re-Issues (cd)
2 x Business - Hell 2 Pay (cd)
1 x Face Down In Shit - Passing Times (cd)
1 x Conflict - In The Venue (cd)
1 x Government Issue - Strange Wine Live (cd)
1 x Depression / Mesrine - Split (cd)
2 x No Choice - “Maestro Dei Sensi” (cd)
1 x Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood (cd)
1 x Cyness - Loony Planet/Industreality (cd)
1 x Bastards - Siberian Hardcore (cd)
1 x Antidote - Another Dose (cd)
1 x Driller Killer - The 4Q Mangrenade (cd)
1 x Flu - “Sensei Sillo” (cd)
1 x Conflict - There Is No Power (cd)
1 x Nailbiter - The Direction Of Hate (cd)
1 x Adicts - 27 (cd)
1 x Czolgosz - Guernica (cd)
2 x Exhumed - Anatomy Is Destiny (cd)
1 x Adicts - Rollercoaster (cd)
1 x Anaeroba - Over The Walls And Borders (cd)
1 x Conflict - The Final Conflict (cd)
1 x Infernal Diatribe - Admission of Guilt (cd)
1 x Legion of Parasites - Another Disaster (cd)
1 x Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm (cd)
1 x Cooters - Chaos Or Bust (cd)
1 x Massgrav - Napalm Over Stureplan (cd)
1 x Ciril - Hysteria Driven (cd)
1 x Conflict - Turning Rebellion Into Money (cd)
1 x Boycot - Total Boycot (cd)
1 x ANFO - Sacro Egoismo (cd) 10" packing
1 x GISM - Gun - Sticker
1 x Clockwork Orange - Sticker
1 x ANTI CIMEX - Raped Ass - Back Patch
1 x ASSUCK - Misery Index - Back Patch
1 x .223 Brass Bullet Belt With No Tips Extra Strip of 8


We often get asked the same questions over and over again, before sending us an email check this section to see if your question is answered. This saves us all time and helps get your order to you faster.

Do you have a phone number where I can call and place an order?
No, as of now we are not set up to take phone orders. Online orders are a lot easier on us.

Has my order been shipped? How can I check the status of my order?
If you made an account with us, you can log into your account and check the status of all your orders.

When will my order arrive?
Read the shipping and returns section.

How can I cancel my order?
If you have not paid for your order yet do not worry about canceling your order, we only ship orders out after we receive payment. You can place as many orders as you want, because we only ship the ones you make payment for. If you paid for an order and you want to cancel it, contact us right away. We often ship very fast, so get in touch before we ship it out.

Can you ship bullet belts out of the country?

No, sorry. 

Do you do trades?
Yes, we trade with other distros and shops contact us.

Do you wholesale?
Yes, we supply many shops. Contact us for wholesale prices.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is determined by where you live and what you buy. Add what you want to buy to your shopping cart then click on the checkout button. After you enter your address on the checkout page you will get to choose what shipping method you want and you will see shipping prices.