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1 x Jinx - “Half” (cd)
1 x Nasum - Inhale / Exhale (cd)
2 x Disrespect - Justice In A Bag (cd)
1 x Bristle - 1984450 (cd)
1 x Czolgosz - Liberation (cd)
1 x M.D.C. - Shades Of Brown (cd)
1 x Depression - S/T (cd)
2 x In The Shit - A World Of… (cd)
1 x Cut The Reins - Man Made Dust (cd)
1 x End Of All - Same Shit But Different (cd)
1 x Conflict - Deploying All Means Necessary (cd)
3 x Jam Session – Yellow Mica (cd)
3 x Mad Parade - Re-Issues (cd)
2 x Business - Hell 2 Pay (cd)
1 x Face Down In Shit - Passing Times (cd)
1 x Conflict - In The Venue (cd)
1 x Government Issue - Strange Wine Live (cd)
1 x Depression / Mesrine - Split (cd)
2 x No Choice - “Maestro Dei Sensi” (cd)
1 x Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood (cd)
1 x Cyness - Loony Planet/Industreality (cd)
1 x Bastards - Siberian Hardcore (cd)
1 x Antidote - Another Dose (cd)
1 x Driller Killer - The 4Q Mangrenade (cd)
1 x Flu - “Sensei Sillo” (cd)
1 x Conflict - There Is No Power (cd)
1 x Nailbiter - The Direction Of Hate (cd)
1 x Adicts - 27 (cd)
1 x Czolgosz - Guernica (cd)
2 x Exhumed - Anatomy Is Destiny (cd)
1 x Adicts - Rollercoaster (cd)
1 x Anaeroba - Over The Walls And Borders (cd)
1 x Conflict - The Final Conflict (cd)
1 x Infernal Diatribe - Admission of Guilt (cd)
1 x Legion of Parasites - Another Disaster (cd)
1 x Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm (cd)
1 x Cooters - Chaos Or Bust (cd)
1 x Massgrav - Napalm Over Stureplan (cd)
1 x Ciril - Hysteria Driven (cd)
1 x Conflict - Turning Rebellion Into Money (cd)
1 x Boycot - Total Boycot (cd)
1 x ANFO - Sacro Egoismo (cd) 10" packing
1 x GISM - Gun - Sticker
1 x Clockwork Orange - Sticker
1 x ANTI CIMEX - Raped Ass - Back Patch
1 x ASSUCK - Misery Index - Back Patch
1 x .223 Brass Bullet Belt With No Tips Extra Strip of 8
1 x Day The Country Died - Book
1 x David King - Stencials - Book
1 x Banksy - Location & Tours Vol. 2 - Book
1 x American Hardcore - A Tribal History
1 x Girls To The Front - Book
1 x Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag - Book
1 x Burning Britain - History of UK Punk 80-84
1 x Banksy - Location & Tours Vol. 1 - Book
2 x DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culure
1 x NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980�1990 - Book
1 x Only A Beginning - Book
1 x Making Stuff And Doing Things (DIY)
1 x Banksy - Wall And Piece
1 x Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book
1 x Punk 45 - Book
1 x Clock - Infa Riot

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