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Burning Britain - History of UK Punk 80-84


Burning Britain - History of UK Punk 80-84

What a phenomenal book. Ian Glasper (a mean bassist in his own right in the late 80s) painstakingly interviewed a couple of hundred of the UK's finest from those glory days...and largely let's them speak for themselves. With a chapter on each band, this weaves a glorious oral history of the best days of music we've yet to see (or hear). Chron-Gen, Discharge, GBH, Anti-Pasti, Angelic Upstarts, 4-Skins, Cockney Rejects, Adicts, Blitz, Vice Squad, Peter And The Test-Tube Babies, , Anti-Nowhere League, UK Subs, Exploited, Defects, Demob, Total Chaos, Destructors, Skroteez, Soldier Dolls, Newtown Neurotics, UK Decay, Action Pact, Disorder, Chaos UK, Varukers, English Dogs, External Menace, Business, Cult Maniax, Outcasts, Abrasive Wheels, Major Accident, Broken Bones, Skeptix, Mau Maus etc. etc.. You'll never find a better 400 packed (and profusely illustrated) pages on punk. As enjoyable and revelatory, I suspect, to those that were there as to folks who weren't even born yet.



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