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Beat The Heat - How To Handle Encounters With Police


Beat The Heat - How To Handle Encounters With Police

Saying the right thing during an encounter with the law enforcement can mean the difference between going home and going to jail. Beat the Heat gives you a set of easy-to-remember legal tactics for protecting yourself and the people you care about. Written by a criminal defense attorney, this illustrated street law manual teaches you exactly:

- what to say if you're pulled over
-how to read a search warrant
- what you should know about undercover cops
- how to handle police questioning
- what to tell the judge to get your bail reduced
- how to get the best work out of your lawyer.

Reading this book is like getting a one-on-one coaching session with your lawyer. It's written in plain English and comes with sample documents (including warrants and subpoenas), so you can learn how to deal with them before trouble's at your door. There are special sections for minors and non-US citizens, as well as a chapter on suing the police. The best part is the numerous cartoon sequences, which demonstrate how cops manipulate people they're questioning or searching—and what techniques you need to win this game.

Beat the Heat was scrupulously edited by over a dozen attorneys and law professors, in addition to law enforcement officers and bail bondsmen. Now in a new, revised second printing. Katya Komisaruk applied to law school while serving a five year prison sentence for civil disobedience. She graduated from Harvard Law School cum laude in 1993, and has been a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer for over a decade.



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