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1 x Discharge - Jacket - Sticker
1 x Flux Of Pink Indians - Sticker
1 x Dils - Sticker
1 x Disorder - Name - Sticker
2 x Crass - Fight Wars - Sticker
1 x Armagedom - Sticker
1 x Extreme Noise Terror - Sticker
1 x Code Of Honor - Sticker
1 x JFA - Name - Sticker
1 x Cluster Bomb Unit - Sticker
1 x Disclose - Name - Sticker
1 x Discharge - Skulls - Sticker
1 x Actives - Sticker
1 x Discharge - Name - Sticker
1 x Anima Mundi - Sticker
1 x Eskorbuto - Sticker
1 x Filth - Destroy Everything - Sticker
1 x Disarm - Sticker
1 x Effigy - Evil Fragments - Sticker
1 x Destroy - Sticker
1 x Anti Cimex - Sticker
1 x JFA - Singing - Sticker
1 x Filth - Live The Chaos - Sticker
1 x Citizen Fish - Sticker
1 x Agathocles - Sticker
1 x Chron Gen - Name - Sticker
1 x Antisect - Sticker
1 x Big Boys - Sticker
1 x Anti Product - Sticker
1 x Instant Agony - Sticker
1 x Crucifix - Tank - Sticker
1 x Amebix - White Crucifix - Sticker
1 x Dead Wretched - Sticker
1 x China White - Sticker
1 x F - Sticker
1 x Crime - Sticker
1 x Dirt - Object Refuse - Sticker
1 x Icons Of Filth - Sticker
1 x CH3 - Sticker
1 x Colera - Sticker
1 x Antidote - Sticker
1 x DOA - Sticker
1 x Genocide - Sticker
1 x Grunt - Total Disgust - Sticker
1 x Disorder - Mental Disorder - Sticker
1 x Heresy - Sticker
2 x Dystopia - Fetus - Sticker
1 x Fits - Sticker
1 x Doom - Name - Sticker
1 x Black Market Baby - Sticker
1 x Fleas And Lice - Flea - Sticker
1 x Bad Brains - Sticker
2 x Conflict - Logo - Sticker
1 x Conflict - The Ungovernable - Sticker
1 x Crass - Persons Unknown - Sticker
1 x Direct Control - Sticker
1 x Discocks - Sticker
1 x Battle of Disarm - Monkies - Sticker
1 x Disclose - Sound Assault - Sticker
1 x Detestation - Skulls - Sticker
1 x Clockwork Orange - Sticker
1 x Civil Disobedience - Sticker
1 x Discharge - Band - Sticker
1 x Appendix - Name - Sticker
1 x A.P.P.L.E. - Sticker
1 x Broken Bones - Decapitated - Sticker
1 x Civilized Society? - Sticker
1 x Circle One - Sticker
1 x Discharge - Never Again - Sticker
1 x Antischism - Sticker
1 x Chaos Z - Sticker
2 x Axiom - Sticker
1 x Excrement of War - Sticker
1 x Agression - Sticker
1 x Appendix - Band - Sticker
3 x Battle Of Disarm - Name - Sticker
1 x Deprived - Sticker
1 x JFA - Soldier - Sticker
1 x Chaos UK - Sticker
1 x Grimple - Sticker
1 x GISM - Gun - Sticker
1 x Crass - Broken Gun - Sticker
1 x Framtid - Sticker
1 x Charles Bronson - Sticker
1 x B.G.K. - Sticker
1 x Blatz - Sticker
1 x GISM - Anarchy Violence - Sticker
1 x Crass - Be Warned - Sticker
1 x Confuse - Name - Sticker
1 x DS-13 - Thrash And Burn - Sticker
1 x Imperial Leather - Sticker
1 x Inepsy - Sticker
1 x Confuse - Band - Sticker
1 x His Hero is Gone - Sticker
1 x Broken Bones - Sticker
1 x Disrupt - Sticker
1 x Hell Krusher - Sticker
1 x Indigesti - Sticker
1 x Gauze - Sticker
1 x Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book
1 x No Gods No Masters - Book
1 x Beat The Heat - How To Handle Encounters With Police
1 x Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia Vol. 1 - Book
1 x Banksy - Location & Tours Vol. 1 - Book
1 x Banksy - Wall And Piece
1 x Primal Screamer - Book
1 x Only A Beginning - Book
1 x Anarchist Cookbook - Book
1 x Last of the Hippies - Penny Rimbaud - Book
1 x MDC - Memoir from a Damaged Civilization - Book
1 x Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag - Book
1 x Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Unde
1 x Story of Crass - Book
1 x Anarchist Quiz Book
1 x Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1992 - Book
1 x Vegan With A Vengeance - Cook Book
1 x S.O.A. - Poster
1 x Manic Panic - Lie Locks
1 x NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980�1990 - Book
1 x Blanks 77 - Poster
1 x Riistetyt - Valtion Vankina - Poster
1 x We're Not Here to Entertain - Book
1 x Red Alert - Poster
1 x Manic Panic - Mystic Heather
1 x Burning Britain - History of UK Punk 80-84
1 x The Punx - Poster
1 x Government Issue - Poster
1 x Skeptix - Poster
1 x I Like Punk Rock Music And Maybe Like 3 People - Book
1 x Zebra
1 x Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: The Early Yea
1 x CBGB & OMFUG: Thirty Years from the Home of Underground Rock - B
1 x Subhumans - Poster
1 x We Got the Neutron Bomb : The Untold Story of L.A. Punk
1 x Banksy - Location & Tours Vol. 2 - Book
1 x Leopard Pink
1 x Nardcore - Poster
1 x Indigesti - Poster
1 x Manic Panic - Purple Haze
1 x DISCHARGE - Hear Nothing See Nothing - Back Patch
1 x Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die: Punk & Post Punk Graphics 197
1 x Manic Panic - Electric Amethyst
1 x Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk - Book
1 x Flux Of Pink Indians - Not So Brave - Poster
1 x Agression - Band - Poster
1 x DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culure
1 x Manic Panic - Ultra Violet
1 x Fucked Up And Photocopied - Book
2 x Circle One - Poster
1 x Colera - Poster
1 x Punk 45 - Book
1 x Active Measures - The Secret History of Disinformation - Book
1 x Manic Panic - After Midnight
1 x The Encyclopedia of Punk - Book
1 x Day The Country Died - Book
1 x Girls To The Front - Book
1 x Agression - Cop - Poster
1 x Gauze - Poster
1 x Oi Polloi - Poster
1 x MDC - Poster
1 x Leopard Purple & White
1 x Hardcore Punk Guide To Christiany - Pamphlet
1 x How To Brew - Book
1 x picture of a paranoid - Book
1 x Battalion Of Saints - Poster
1 x Pist - Poster
1 x Making Stuff And Doing Things (DIY)
1 x Pretty in Punk - Book
1 x American Hardcore - A Tribal History
1 x Clock - Infa Riot
1 x ANTI PASTI - Back Patch

Shipping and returns

Shipping Cost:

Shipping cost is determined by weight, for orders that are small and under 13 oz. First class mail will get your order to you usually the cheapest. When multiple items are purchased the cost of shipping goes down and saves you money. Just follow the checkout instructions and you will be given a list of options for shipping and a list of different prices, you can then pick out the shipping method that works best for you.

Shipping Time:

*New shipping schedule starting 2020 we are shipping twice a week now. All orders will be packed every Monday and shipped on Tuesday, the next batch of orders will be packed on Thursday and be in the mail on Friday. So get your order into us by 6PM Pacific time Monday and it will be shipped out the next day any orders after that will be packed on the following Thursday and go out on Friday.

Upon payment your order is usually shipped within 24 hours, sometimes it is shipped the same day. Sometimes during times when we get busy your order can take 2 to 3 days to get shipped. We will email tracking information to you when your order ships, if you didn't recieve the tracking number your order most likely has not shipped yet, also check your junk mail as it could have been caught. If you want your order shipped out fast the best way to make payment is with a credit card or through Paypal, that way we receive payment right away and are able to ship your order out to you as fast as possible. If you choose to pay by mailing in your payment we wait until payment is received before we ship your order to you. If you pay by check or money order there is usually a 2-3 business day delay for your payment to clear. On average your package takes about 5 business days to reach you once payment is made and your order is shipped out. So on average your order usually takes about 1 week from the time you pay until it shows up at your house (Note this is just an average guideline sometimes you will get your order the very next day if you live close to us, sometimes it might take 8 - 14 days if the post office is busy, slow, or comes across problems). The post office does not declare a package lost until 14 business days go by. Orders are normally shipped Monday through Friday, excluding holidays in the order that they come in so the sooner you place your order the faster we can get it to you. 

The post office does not declare a package lost until 14 business days go by. If it has been 14 days or longer after your order says shipped then you can contact us and we will see what the problem is.

Your Account:

You can log into your account at any time and check the status of your orders. Your order will be marked as one of these during the process. 

Processing - If you mail in your payment or if we have yet to update orders your order will remain processing until we have received your payment. When we receive your payment we will update your order to Received.

Received - This means we have received your payment and your order is in line ready to get packed. If you have paid by credit card or Paypal your order should say Received right away.

Packing - This is when we are packing your order. This process is normally 1 day sometimes it can take a little longer.

Shipped - We will update your order to Shipped after we ship it out. When your order is marked shipped we will also email you a tracking number so you can check up on it at any time. The tracking information may not show anything right away it usually takes some time for the post office to update the information so if it doesnt show anything just give it some time and check back later on. Sometimes we will mark your order shipped the night before it is ready to be sent out. Once your order is marked shipped you should have it shortly.

Preparing to ship - If your order is on this status we are still packing your order and it has priority over anything else we are working on and will ship asap.

Returns And Refunds:

Anyone requesting a refund must first contact us to request a refund slip before sending packages back for a refund.
you can use the contact us section of our site or email us directly at support at crustpunks.com we assume the customer has read the item description and knows what product is being purchased. We do accept returns postmarked within 14 days after items were received. For any reason you may return a product or products to us within 14 days for a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. You will not be refunded for any shipping charges. Products returned to us must be as they were when we shipped them to you. If merchandise is returned because of an error on our part your shipping charges will be refunded. 

Contact us for exchanges or store credit. Use our contact us section or email us at support at crustpunks dot com