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Hopping Freight Trains in America - Book


Hopping Freight Trains in America - Book

The first complete how-to on riding the rails.See the continent from the inside. Learn how to travel safely on a shoestring. How, when and where to catch a train. By Daffy Littlejohn



Not only is this 354 page book the best introduction to "catching out" in print, it's also great hilarious reading with many entertaining stories (see excerpt below)! It definitely belongs in your travel sack the first few times out.


Here's the review straight from the back cover:

  • The complete how-to-manual on riding the rails
  • First-ever presentation of its kind
  • The last red-blooded adventure in North America
  • How to beat the system in every way
  • See the continent from the inside
  • Learn how to travel safely on a shoestring
  • Both men and women enjoy this sport
  • Enhance self esteem by using your wits
  • All the background information you need
  • How, when and where to catch a train

More information contained in the book:

  • Addresses common misconceptions related to catching out such as "Only bums ride trains", "Riding the rails is just for guys", and "Won't I get mugged or die from heat or cold?"
  • Lists towns in all 50 states and in Canada where you can catch out.
  • Includes a 45 page glossary of railroad terms to get you up to speed. Here's a sample: "Midnight creeps: Familiar term for a freightcar rolling silently through a freightyard (day or night) which can sneak up on an unsuspecting person too close to its track and cause serious injury or death."
  • Duffy also provides a list of almost 50 books and periodicals for the serious rail fan.

Here is an excerpt from Duffy's book regarding taking a ride inside a locomotive:

"Check out the mystery panel of hidden things located against the long hood wall of the cab. Inside the metal doors are the electrical components of the apparatus - the brains of the beast. Don't open these doors or mess with what's inside. You could get yourself electrocuted.

"Notice however, the funny clicking sounds inside. I don't know what's going on in there. It's obviously circuitry - switches, relays and fuses. Be content to know everything in there is doing what it's designed to do and don't fiddle with it. The door panels usually say something like 'Caution! 5 zillion volts!' Respect this. Railroads are not kidding. …

"Railroads are dangerous to begin with. If they had to put a danger sign everywhere danger is encountered they'd have wall-to-wall signs (thank god lawyers haven't looked into this). So when they do say 'Danger' take their word for it."




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